im just sad that i literally just witnessed so much in the past few months. my friends, stuff with me, and everything else. humans are really terrible creatures. they truly are.

why did i even bother to trust some of them… again. especially knowing me, i dont know. im just either stupid or just lonely. but its probably the first. i dont need people to feel whole. i sometimes feel lonely anyway.

goodbye. im done with social media for a long time.

god i just want to sleep thats all i want. some sleep. i dont need anything else. i dont need to be happy. or sad. or even dead. i just want to sleep

im sorry im depressing. i just cant seem to actually take it anymore. ive been saying im okay for way too long.

i just feel like wanting to go outside and get knocked out in the head. seriously. like feeling and not feeling sucks. i hate being depressed because you can literally feel EVERYTHING then feel NOTHING. what even is the point, you know? its like the hardest struggle. god i know i can get through this. i know i can, but god i just didnt expect everything to all happen so soon. especially when i have to work tomorrow. i dont wanna cry in front of my kids. i seriously fucking hate this shit.

i hate sleeping when im infuriated. its like 2013 all over again. seriously what the fuck did i ever do to people to deserve any of this. i never want to be selfish, ever but i feel like if i ever do want something, it never works out. like seriously. it doesnt even have to deal with people. i literally never ask for anything, and when i do, i get shit on.

i seriously hate this world god dammit. im so tired. and i dont even wanna be angry. i havent been this infuriated in such a long long time.

i was really looking forward to sleeping, but looks like i wont get any hahahahahahaha

nawh im done lol. 

you can go fuck yourself

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well literally 5 mins in the game and the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. what the heck why have i not played this game

so i decided to just play earthbound and i’ve never played it. 

i dunno what to expect but what are your guys’ thoughts on earthbound??

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tumblr is pretty much 75% weird bitter anti-tumblr tumblrs now


Five Nights At Freddies played by the most fearless man

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Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.

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look at aki, finally wearing a shirt again

i’m so proud