list of all the games i played. (this is just for me.)

This was fun because I remembered some of my childhood videogames.

List of videogames played ever since I was a kid:

1. Super Mario 64 - N64
2. Super Mario Bros. -Don’t know. (it was like those swapmeet controllers. that had 100 games)
3. Tennis -Don’t know.
4. Baseball -Don’t know.
5. Contra (Don’t remember which number.) - Don’t know.
6. Pokemon Yellow version -GBC.*
7. Pokemon Crystal version -GBC.*
9. Super Mario Deluxe -GBC.
10. Loony Toons -GBC.
11. Buzz Lightyear -GBC.
12. Sonic Adventure -GBA.*
13. Digimon: Battle Spirit -GBA.
14. Digimon -PS1.
15. Banjo Kazooie -N64
16. Crash Bandicoot -PS1.
17. Spyro -PS1.
18. Bomberman Fantasy Race -PS1.
19. Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour -PS1.
20. Croc -PS1.
21. Metal Gear Solid (Original) -PS1.
22. Super Street Fighter (Cannot recall which one) -GBA*
23. Monster Rancher- GBA
24. Fire Emblem -GBA
25. Yoshi’s Island (Remake of SMW2) -GBA
26. Mario Kart -GBA*
27. Mario Kart -N64
28. Super Smash Bros. -N64
29. Metroid Fusion -GBA
30. Dragonquest (I think III) -GBA
31. Mario and Luigi super star saga- GBA*
32. Pokemon Ruby Version -GBA*
33. Digimon racing -GBA
34. Mario Party 4 -GC*
35. Super Mario Sunshine (yoohoo!) -GC*
36. Luigi’s Mansion. -GC*
37. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker -GC.
38. Zapper -GC
39. Animal Crossing -GC*
40. Animal Crossing DS -DS
41. DDR: Mario Mix -GC*
42. Splinter Cell-GC*
43. 007: Agent under Fire-GC*
44. Metroid Prime -GC*
45. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes -GC*
46. SSX Tricky -GC*
47. Madden (Forgot the year) -GC
48. MLB: All Stars -GC
49. NBA: Courtside-GC
50. Ty: Tasmanian Tiger -GC
51. Ty: Tasmanian Tiger-GBA*
52. Pokemon Fire Red Version -GBA*
53. Toon Town-PC’
54. Disney’s Extremely Goofy Skateboarding -PC
55. Need For Speed: Pursuit-PC
56. Tony Hawk Proskater- GC
57. Taz the tasmanian devil-GC
58. Mario Kart: Double Dash-GC
59. Turok-GC
60. Timesplitters-GC
61. Mario 3V3 -GC
62. Pro Rally -GC
63. Viewtiful Joe -GC
64. Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal -PS2
65. Kingdom Hearts -PS2
66. FFX -PS2.
67. Guitar Hero 2 -PS2.
68. Guitar Hero 3- PS3 and Wii*
69. Metroid Prime: Corruption -Wii*
70. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.-Wii*
71. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time- N64 and 3DS <ip></ip>
72. Mario Kart DS -DS*
73. Mario 64 DS -DS
74. Super Princess Peach-DS*
75. Golden Sun -GBA
76. Pokemon White -DS*
77. Pokemon Heart Gold-DS <ip></ip>
78. Pokemon Channel-GC*
79. Big Brain Academy-DS
80. Nintendogs-DS
81. Metroid Prime Hunters-DS
82. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes-GC*
[Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection on PS3]
83. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.*
84. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. *
85. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. <ip></ip>
86. Metal Gear Solid: Portable OPS-PSP
87. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep-PSP (unfortunately, I was unable to finish game since I had to sell the PSP)
88. The World Ends With You-DS
89. Yoshi’s Island DS-DS <ip></ip>
90. Yoshi Touch and Go!-DS
91. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time-DS.*
92. Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story-DS <ip></ip>
93. God of War:Chains of Olympus-PSP.*
94. FFVII: Crisis Core-PSP.*
95. Metal Slug Anniversary Collection-PSP.*
95. Patapon-PSP
96. Patapon 2-PSP
97. Need for Speed (I don’t remember the name)-PS3
98. Mario Party 8-Wii.*
99. Metroid: Other M.-Wii. <h></h>
100. Just Dance 2-Wii.
101. Super Monkey Ball 2-GC.
102. Super Mario Strikers-GC
103. Super Street Fighter IV-Xbox360.
104. Halo 3-Xbox360.*
105. Gears of War-X360*
106. Gears of War 2-X360*
107. Gears of War 3-X360.*
108. Devil May Cry 4-X360*
109. FFXIII-X360.*
110. Blacksite: Area 51 -X360*
111. Skyrim-360. <h></h>
112. Lost Planet-360
113. Lost Planet 2-360
114. Modern Warfare-360
115. MW2-360
116. MW3-360
117. Call of Duty 2-360
118. Assassin’s Creed-360
119. Portal-PC* (Finished in 3 hours on a school night! I’m so bad.)
120. Portal 2-360.* CO-OP is <h></h>
121. Team Fortress 2-PC’
122. Maplestory-PC’
123. DOMO (Dream of Mirror Online)-PC’
124. Counterstrike-PC’
125. Combat Arms-PC’
126. Gunbound-PC’
127. Dungeon Fighter-PC’
128. Eden Eternal-PC’
129. Atlantica-PC’
130. Vindictus-PC’
131. Dragon’s Nest-PC’
132. WonderKing-PC’
133. Super Smash Bros Melee-GC*
134. Super Smash Bros Brawl-Wii*
135. Rayman Arena-GC*
136. God of War 3-PS3.
137. Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction.-PS3*
138. Ratchet and Clank: A crack in time.-PS3*
139. Secret Agent Clank-PSP
140. Final fantasy-iPhone
141. Final Fantasy 2-iPhone
142. Legend of Zelda-NES
143. Metroid-NES
144. Super Metroid-SNES
145. Little Big Planet- PS3
146. Little Big Planet 2-PS3
147. Metal Gear Online-PS3
148. Castlevania-PSP
149. Marvel Vs Capcom 3-PS3
150. Megaman-PS1.
151. RockBand -PS3*
152. Rock Band 2-PS3*
153. Beatles Rock Band-PS3*
154. Super Mario Galaxy-Wii*
155. InFamous-PS3
156. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney-DS*
157. Dead Rising-X360 <ip></ip>
158. Harvest Moon-GBA
159. Limbo-PC
160. Bastion-PC
161. Psychonauts-PC
162. Persona 3-PS2 <ip></ip>
163. Persona 4-PS2*
164. Professor Layton and the Curious Village-DS
165. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations-DS *
166. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Apollo Justice-DS*
167. FFXIII-2 -PS3 <ip></ip>
168. FFIX-PS1
169. VVVVV- 3DS
170. Blayzbloo- 3DS
171. Resident Evil 5-X360
172. Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows-X360
173. Battlefield 2-X360*
174. Dance Central-X360*
175. Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix-GC*
176. L.A. Noire-X360
177. Sonic Generations-X360*
178. Assasin’s Creed 2-X360
179. Dark Siders-X360
180. Dark Siders 2-X360
181. Heavy Rain-PS3
182. Animal Crossing: New Leaf-3DS
183. Garry’s Mod-PC
184. Don’t Starve-PC
185. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies-3DS*
186. Castle Crashers-PC*
187. Skullgirls-PC
188. Bravely Default-3DS
189. Phoenix Wright: Justice For All-DS*
190. Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigatons*-DS
191. Diablo III-PS3
192. Resident Evil 6-PS3*
193. League of Legends-PC’
194. Pokemon Y-DS*

195. Guacamelee! Gold edition-PC

196. Bit Trip Runner-PC

197. Symphony-PC


There are probably many more I have forgotten. These are all the videogames I’ve played.

<ip>= In Progress. </ip>
<h>= On Hold. </h>

I just have no life and too much time on my hands…. 


ghosts & fairies

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"Today in class the teacher asked the question, ‘Is it better to have loved and lost, or to never have loved at all?’ I said, ‘to have loved and lost’ and you said, ‘to have never loved at all.’ I looked at you and you looked at me, and thats when I knew you never loved me at all.

#25 in my “School Series” this was written at least a year ago while I was going through bad things in school (248/365)

this just tore my heart out

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Done today in one session! I love my customers.


Just saw a girl in high heels long boarding to class. Godspeed, my queen.

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ppl in africa are dying

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Yusei and the hair problems.

YGOTAS episode 59- Crowd Atlas


An accurate depiction of me receiving affection.

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Favorite Ghost Type: Gengar asked by daecchi